Generator Repair in Boca Raton, the Boca Chase Development

Is there anything quite as frustrating as a bum generator?  You go through *all* of the time and money involved in researching, consulting, and purchasing your generator, you install it thinking you’re ready for anything, a tropical storm hits Boca Raton — aaaaaaaaaaand the lights go out.  Your generator doesn’t work.  Not because it’s a bad product, necessarily: it’s possible that lazy maintenance or installation caused an issue to be overlooked.

At Reliable, we unfortunately see it all the time from our competitors.  Such as this past August, when we were called in on a generator repair job in Boca Chase by a first time customer.  The homeowner had decided to call us as soon as the generator did not perform in a power outage — very smart!  Her generator, installed by a different company, needed a new circuit board and battery charger.  Our technicians arrived quickly, solved the problem effectively by replacing the parts, and left the happy customer with a working generator just in time for storm season!

We thought we’d share our process here for anyone in need of a generator repair.  When our electricians arrive at the scene, they follow these steps:

  1. Troubleshooting and Diagnostics- Our electricians are all fully licensed and trained.  There isn’t a problem they haven’t seen before and can’t find simply by performing test runs and inspecting the unit carefully.  Once they know what’s wrong, they set to work with the most direct solution.
  2. Installation of New Parts- Typically, a generator with broken parts will be easier and cheaper to fix if the parts can simply be swapped out.  We have an excellent relationship with Generac, and we’re able to find basically any piece for any model in their line.
  3. Complete Final Test- We do the job right on the first try — which means always checking your work! Before we leave, our electricians are guaranteed to always do full test run of the system to ensure that everything is performing at its peak.

Is your generator installed by another company letting you down?  Call Reliable today for a consultation and an expert repair!

Robert always loved helping people in his community, so in 1995 he joined the NYC Fire Department and became a very proud firefighter. In 2002, Robert opened the doors to Sun Electric Works, Inc in the Bronx, NY. That same year he married the love of his life Margie. It didn’t take long for this master electrician to grow a small company into a well known electrical contracting company with a focus on commercial construction. In 2006 the Biscardi’s wanted warmth and sunshine which lead them and the family business to sunny south Florida. Robert retired from the fire department after 10 years. In 2009 he started Reliable Power Systems, which is his way of helping his community by providing peace of mind to south Florida residents by offering automatic stand-by generators. When Robert is not hard at work dealing with the day to day of his companies he is usually spending time with his wife, 2 sons, and Baci (the family beagle).